Belgo-Haitian Creative Designer who believes in technology’s potential for sustainable smart experiences. I work at Adneom (Belgium) and I design human projects with A Little Association. I’m currently on a creative mission — in the branding team — at Proximus (Brussels).

Selected Works


Cinzia Tirone (Chez Soi Chez Moi), Belgacom, Proximus, Skynet, Bpost, BeTv, EmailR, Divini Aisbl, Marlène Dorcena, Jazz Infinity, Belgagri, Design Innovation, GDF Suez, Jameson, Groupe Moving (Fitness Park, Lady Moving, Moving Express, Club Moving), Harvey Nash, Erasmus Hogeschool, La Commune de Fernelmont, WWF, Gymna, Renowal, SendMyPacket, TheClub, BMS Belgium, The Rock Church Brussels, Harry’s & Jones, Stay Connected Center, Reckinger Luxembourg, ECP, L’Ayisyèn, Ecosun Solutions, Traxxx, Akilon, Touch Of Sense.